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REPORT Implement sustainable forest management in 2017

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REPORT Implement sustainable forest management in 2017
Implement sustainable forest management in 2017
         Southern paper materials Company is an independent accounting unit under the Vietnam Paper Corporation, formerly known as Dong Nai Paper Material Company, which was established under Decision No. 2776/QD-TCCB dated 25/9/1996 by the Ministry of Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade).
         The company has been approved by the Board of Members of Vietnam Paper Corporation to set up the procedures for applying for sustainable forest management certification FSC in Resolution No. 07/NQ-GVN. HN dated 22 July 2015.
The company was granted a Certificate of Sustainable Forest Management by GFA on 20/12/2016, GFA Code - FM / COC - 002965.
         The Company's head office is located at 377 Phan Dinh Phung street, Duy Tan ward, Kon Tum city, Kon Tum province. 
            Phone: 0603.866.849            Fax: 0603.866.849           
* Total land area under management: 11,708.51ha, of which:
- Land area has been issued red books: 11,667.05 ha. (Detailed list attached)
                        + Area of forested land:                                                       7.550,8 ha.
                        + Area without forests:                                                       4.102,92 ha.
            + Area of company head office:                                               0,26 ha.
            + Land for business (CBG factory).                                       13,07 ha.
+ Area without red book: 41.46 ha. (The company is applying for red book)
* Total area excluded from forest certification:                    2.701,60 ha.
         - Land has joint-venture plantation forest:                                       231,46 ha.
         - Non-agricultural land:                                                                        403,97ha.
         - Nursery land:                                                                                            9,07ha.
         - Bare land cannot be planted forest:                                                 318,99 ha.
         - Land planned return to the local:                                                   1.738,11ha.
* Total area is certified FSC:  9.006,91ha.
* Of which, area of production forest: 7.360,80 ha.
1. Economic objectives:
No. Norms Unit Plan 2017 Implemented 2017 Completed the plan (%) Note
I Silvicultural production          
1 Afforestation ha 100,00 144,90 144,9  
2 Forest nurture ha        
  - Year 1 ha 100,00 144,90 144,9  
  - Year 2 ha        
  - Year 3 ha 56,90 84,70 148,9  
3 Protect forest closed canopy ha 8.758,20 8.689,33 99,2 Clear harvest 66,0ha; Compensation for hydropower: 2.87 ha
II Industrial production          
1 Harvest          
  - Area ha 1.200,00 1.661,30 138,4  
  - Wood volume NLG m3 42.835,1 66.622,10 155,5  
  + Wood with FSC m3   48.259,10    
  + Wood without FSC m3   18.363,00    
2 Collection of firewood, branches (with FSC) m3   14.352,40    
3 Purchase of FSC wood m3        
4 Consumption m3 42.835,10 80.974,50    
  Wood with FSC m3   48.259,10    
  Wood without FSC m3   18.363,00    
  Collection of firewood, branches (with FSC) m3   14.352,40    
4.1 Vietnam Paper Corporation m3        
  Wood with FSC m3        
  Wood without FSC m3        
4.2 Consumption in place m3 42.835,10 80.974,50    
  Wood with FSC m3   48.259,10    
  Wood without FSC m3   18.363,00    
  Collection of firewood, branches (with FSC) m3   14.352,40    
5 Revenue Million VND 42.641,60 40.670,50 95,4  
  Wood with FSC Million VND   22.564,50    
  Wood without FSC Million VND   17.388,40    
  Collection of firewood, branches (with FSC) Million VND   717,60    
5.1 Vietnam Paper Corporation Million VND        
  Wood with FSC Million VND        
  Wood without FSC Million VND        
5.2 Consumption in place Million VND 42.641,60 40.670,50    
  Wood with FSC Million VND   22.564,50    
  Wood without FSC Million VND   17.388,40    
  Collection of firewood, branches (with FSC) Million VND   717,60    
6 Profit Million VND  1,5 2,2   147%  
7 Occupational accidents Number 0 0    
8 Training (occupational health and safety, fire prevention and protection,..) Class 6 6 100  
Overall assessment of results of sustainable forest management in accordance with FSC standards.
- Awareness: After the approach and implementation of forest protection and management in accordance with FSC regulations, the awareness of the staff has been improved significantly. In addition, during the implementation, the results show that the awareness of the community, management agency and stakeholders have made more positive changes than before.
- Afforestation: In 2017, the company planted 149.9 ha.
- Forest nurture:
            In 2017, the Company has nurtured 149,9 ha of the year 1, including Pinus kesiya  (131.2 ha), Acacia (10.0 ha) and Eucalyptus (3.7ha), nurture the third year for 84.7 ha Acacia. Forest nurture has contributed to increasing the forest cover in the area in particular and in Kon Tum province in general; reduce the impact of rain water on the surface of the soil, reduce the wash away weathering of the soil caused by rain and sun. Forests have the effect of regulating surface water as well as groundwater, limiting the phenomenon of drought, desertification and floods caused by abnormal changes of climate. Forests also have the effect of stabilizing the flow of rivers, streams, areas with steep slopes, absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing O2 to improve the living environment. Nurture in accordance with FSC standard has minimized the environmental impact compared not yet doing implemanting FSC.
- Protect forest closed canopy:
            In 2017, the company managed protection with a total forest area of 8,669.33 ha of pine forest. An area of pine forest management in 2017 decreased compared to the year plan of 68.87 ha (in which: clear harvest 66.0 ha, compensation 2.87 ha). Compliance with the regulations on sustainable forest management, the forest area of the Company is not loss, the quality of forests ensures, the forest trees grow well. Due to good implementation of silvicultural measures, the plantation forest of the company develops, canopy closed quickly, promote the ability to protect land and biodiversity. To protect ground water sources, slot water, rivers and streams in the area in service of supply of clean and non-polluted water for daily life and other activities of people in the locality.
- Forest harvest:
The company has applied the reduce impacted logging (RIL) technology: cut down by gasoline saws, manual transportation to reduce the negative impact on the environment. The results showed that the application of reduce impact logging has limited the negative impacts on habitat compared to previous years. The forest area for harvesting is mainly concentrated in the dry season. Annual forest harvesting has created jobs and improved income for hundreds of households in the area.
2. Social objectives
No. Criteria Unit Plan 2017 Implemented
Completed the plan (%)
1 Total number of employees Person 142 142 100
  Male Person 108 108 100
  Female Person 34 34 100
2 Pay for types of insurance Million VND 2.430,99 2.430,99 100
3 Union funds Million VND 142,2 142,2 100
4 Pay the budget Billion VND 3,3 3,6 109
5 Average income Million VND 7,0 7,2 103
6 Support local people Million VND   98,0  
7 Contribute funds Million VND   42,0  
  1. Jobs: Create jobs for 776 people/year.
b. Income: 7.2 million VND/person/month.
          c. Other policies for workers (labor insurance, periodical health examine):
d. Pay the budget:                                       3,6 Billion VND.
đ. Charity:                                         42,0 million VND.
            e. Community benefits, relationships with local authorities and people:
         The company has done well with the community, local authorities and local people, ensuring the benefits harmony of the parties.
+ In 2017, forest nurture of the Company is 144.9 ha with the working days of 9,236; Forest protection is 8,689.33 ha with working days of 110.702. The total working days of forest nurture and protection in 2017 is 119,938. The direct employees of the company have 82 employees, which can only guarantee 25,500 working days. Thus, 94.438 remaining working days is equivalent to 303 employees in a year with an amount of 12,957,000,000 VND, which helps increase the income of local people in the area.
+ Harvest: In 2017, the Company harvested  66,622m3 with 146,568 working days, 473 laborers working one year, and the amount of money was 19,296,263,472 VND, all is to create jobs for local people in the area.
Combining all 3 stages, including forest nurture, forest logging and forest protection in 2017, in addition to the number of the Company's workforce, the Company created more jobs for 776 local laborers with 241,006 working days and the amount of money is  32,253,263,472 VND.
         Each year, the company leaves thousands of ster of firewood stems, branches for fuel for people around the area, reducing the impact on the forest..
         Contributing to support local socio-economic development: Annually, the company supports the maintenance of people's roads, public works, other socio-cultural activities of about 100 million VND.
         The relationship between the Company and the local people is closely linked. Through cooperative afforestation with the company, the life of local people is improved. The educational level is gradually improved, there are no social evils, etc.
3. Environmental objective
a. Biodiversity conservation:
The company has implemented well the plan to protect biodiversity, recovering natural forests through the widespread propaganda to the community to participate in protection; Set up the system of documents and conventions at the company and villages; Establishing the signboards at the forest gate, expressing the specific area and position on the management map of the company; Promote nurture and regeneration measures. From 2016, the company has zoned for regeneration and restored natural forests, protected the natural corridors and biodiversity for 485.97 ha (> 5% of the area of certified forest). The results have a good effect on the surrounding environment and gradually create a sense of progress among the community on forest protection and zoning for regeneration of natural forests.
Thanks to good implementation of silvicultural measures, the plantation of the company has been growing, creating favorable conditions for animals and plants to live and develop and protect the species available in the area, contributing to the preservation of local biodiversity safely for forest ecosystems develop sustainably.
b. The results of protection the corridor along stream:
Category Unit Total Divide by flow width
Grade 4
(2- 5m)
Grade 5
Length of the stream (m) 2.050 1.200 850
Corridor area (ha) 8,48 4,7 3,78
Funding for implementation VND 22.110.000 17.085.000 5.025.000
- The protection area along streams and biodiversity in the Boards of forest plantation of paper materials are well protected.
c. Erosion monitoring: The company has developed 02 sample plots to monitor soil erosion. According to monitoring results, the level of erosion is low (0.055 tons/ha/year, grade I).
d. Control of chemical use:           
Volume of pesticides used in 2017
Anvil Others
  Not use Not use
- Implementing well the control and use policy about chemicals of the Company. Restricting the use of chemicals and plant protection drugs, not to use chemicals and plant protection drugs on the lists of those banned from Vietnam or international use in the course of production. In 2017, the Company does not use chemicals in production.
          đ. Other negative impact mitigation measures:   
            In addition to minimizing environmental impacts, the company also implements mitigation measures for social impacts. Through the advocacy of the village patriarch, head village, the villagers sign and implement the Commitment to protect the forest, to plant a forest associated with the company. Short-term plants such as beans, peanuts, sesame, cassava and maize are allowed to be planted in the planted forest area. Annually, the company contributes money to maintain roads to ensure local people's travel. Coordinate with local authorities and afforestation joint venture, associate with local people in the area being encroached; Ensure harmonious benefits, increase income and create jobs for local people. Annually, the company invites representatives of local authorities and households to attend the meeting and give comment.
4. Shortcomings and correction recommendations.
            4.1. Shortcomings
- Loans from the Development Bank are often slow and interest rates are high;
         - Due to the inability to borrow money for new plantations, the Company's vacant land has not yet been planted. However, the company is still calling for employees to invest in their own plantations 168 and joint ventures with other companies, organizations and individuals, but the planted area is negligible. Due to the vacant land for long-term, some areas have been encroached by local people for planting agricultural crops such as rice and corn, ... however, the households are committed to return the encroached area to the Company for afforestation.
- Plantation forests are mainly located in remote areas, which are difficult to nurture and transport timber to the factory, high consumption costs because of far away the factory, affecting the business efficiency of the company.
   - The receive feedback from people and workers is still low. 
            4.2. Recommendations
- The State has paid attention to the preferential policy on loan for afforestation with the loan of 100% of the total cost approved and the disbursement was timely implemented.
- Suggest the Vietnam Paper Corporation and the Kon Tum Provincial People's Committee to provide legal support and a definitive mechanism for resolving cases of cut trees and land encroachment of the Company.
- Suggest Vietnam Paper Corporation prioritize training to improve managerial skills and foreign languages for managers of the Company.
1. Economic objectives:
No. Norms Unit Plan 2018
1 Value of the industry production Million VND 48.966,4
2 Revenu Million VND 38.389,7
3 Manufacturing product    
  a. Plank Veneer m3 10.452
  b. Afforestation ha 50
  c. Forest nurture. ha 194,9
  + Nurture Year 1 ha 50
  + Nurture Year 2 ha 144,9
  + Nurture Year 3 ha  
  d. Forest protection closed canopy ha 8.689,3
  e. Forest protection ha 273,87
  f. Harvest m3 33.916
4 Total fund Million VND 41.922
5 Total number of employees Person 145
6 Payments to the budget Million VND 3.109,3
4 Profit before tax Million VND 1.583,3
2. Social objectives:
No. Criteria Unit Plan 2018
1 Total number of employees Person 145
2 Pay for types of insurance Million VND 2.789
3 Union funds Million VND 174,32
4 Average income Million VND 5,7
5 Support local people Million VND 41,6
3. Environmental objective
a. Protection the corridor along stream and biodiversity:
- Develop a plan to protect the corridor along streams and biodiversity at the Boards of forest plantation of paper materials Dak Ha with a total length of the stream is 1,400m, the total area of the corridor along the stream and biodiversity is 6.68ha.
Boards of forest plantation Stream name Quantity of flow (flow) The total length of the stream
Total corridor area along the stream and biodiversity (ha) Area of corridor along the strea each side is 5 m (ha) Area of adjacent biodiversity (ha) Divide by flow width Description of the vegetation situation on each side
Grade 4
(2- 5m)
Grade 5
Plan 2018 2 1.400 6,68 1,4 5,28   1.400 Shrubs
Đăk Hà Đăk Hring1 1 1.000 5,13 1,0 4,13   1.000 Grass
  Đăk Hring2 1 400 1,55 0,4 1,15   400 Grass
* Funding for implementation.
Category Unit Total Divide by flow width
Grade 4
(2- 5m)
Grade 5
Length of the stream (m) 1.400   1.400
Corridor area (ha) 1,40   1,40
Funding for implementation VND 8.730.000   8.730.000
b. Soil erosion monitoring plan:
- Carry out soil erosion monitoring in accordance with the plan to control soil erosion in the plantation forest of paper materials of the Southern Paper Materials Company at 02 sample plots established in 2016 at the Boards of forest plantation of paper materials Van Xuoi and Ngoc Hoi.
c. Control of chemical use:
- Implement good chemical use policy of the  company, limited use of pesticides, only use pesticides when necessary. Not to use plant protection drugs on the lists of those banned from Vietnam or international use.
- The Southern Paper Materials Company does not use chemicals.
d. Other negative impact mitigation measures:
In 2018, the company continues to improve social impact mitigation measures.
4. Monitoring plan:
a. Monitoring of forest productivity and forest dynamics;
   Organize periodic annually to monitor productivity, yield and forest dynamics. Monitoring time: In the fourth quarter of each year.
   Monitoring method: Set up 30 standard plots to collect data in each plot (diameter, height, density). Standard plot area: 400m2. (combined with two plots of soil erosion monitoring).
   Measure the number of trees, diameter, height in the standard plots and then calculates the reserves, determine the growth rate of the trees.
b. Harvest monitoring;
Monitor all stages, including: cutting plan for nurture, consumption of the assigned unit; harvesting design document, cutting for nurture; The progress of cuttting plan for nurturing  (Licensing for harvesting,  cuttting for nurturing, prepare the site for harvesting, collecting vegetation, etc..); Results of harvesting, cutting for nurturing (Area, yield, liquidation of contract, timber yield of the Company, ...);  Checking products and checking the forest after logging, cutting for nurturing; Consumption contract, consumption results. Technical staffs of the company and production team leaders  are responsible for monitoring all activities related to the harvesting, cutting for nurturing and transportation and must regularly report progress to the company.
c. Afforestation monitor;
Monitor all stages, including: afforestation plan of the assigned unit; Documents for afforestation design; The progress of planting forest plan of the unit (field preparation for forest plantation, clearing of vegetation, fertilizer, ...); Quality of planted forests; A dossier of land use afforestation; Check planting forests. Technical staff of the company and the head of the Board of forest plantation are responsible for the above activities. After completing each stage, there must be a report to the Director of the company.
d. Monitor Chain of Custody FM/CoC;
The certificated wood must be closely monitored from the time of harvesting, cutting for nurturing till transport to the wood plank Vener factory and at the forest gate for sale.
Harvested timber,  timber from cutting for the nurturing of certified forests must be marked with red paint from the time of accepted and placed separately at the nurturing having signboards. When loading timber onto transport vehicles must be sealed.
* Conclusion: The Southern Paper Materials Company implements forest management and business sustainably. Commit to full implement and long-term rules of the Sustainable Forest Management Standards FSC; Comply with all rules of the Interim Regulations on forest certificate group (FSC) of the Vietnam Paper Corporation. Comply with all guidelines, monitoring, regular and periodic inspections of Team Leader and International Forest Certification Organization FSC./.

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